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Pod for rent


The Pod is a wooden cabin that stays cool in the sommer and warm in the winter. The walls are also insulated for noise reduction. There are blinds on the door and the window to block the sunlight in the morning.

Rent a Pod, that way you can camp at our campsite without having to carry and set up a tent.

Our Pods are furnished with camp beds , light, electricity, he
at, as well as two chairs and a table to sit on the deck outside the Pod.

Smoking and dogs are not allowed inside the Pods. We do have 2 Pod’sPod 2 pers. (2) where dogs may allow.





Cost per night:

1-2 people 39,50 €
3    people 50,50 €
4    people 61,50 €.

It is possible to have breakfast,pod Camping Kautenbach 2015 (1)

lunch, and dinner in the Camping Restaurant.