Hiking - Camping Kautenbach
Hiking - Een zeer unieke familiecamping zoals er in de Luxemburgse Ardennen geen tweede is
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Hiking around the campsite and hiking tips.

Because Kautenbach is in the middle of a hiking area, there are also many walks with markings. Short and long routes. Within a minute you are in the middle of one of the most beautiful walking areas in Luxembourg. Rivers cross paths along rocks and flowers.

Kautenbach is the end of the Lee Trail and the start of the Escapardenne:


Some of the marked walks run around, some of them take you to the next train station. Walking to the station and take the train back to Kautenbach e.g. direction Goebelsmühle and Wilwerwiltz.

Some of the hikes are walking around, some will take you to the next train station. On foot and by train to Kautenbach back e.g. towards Goebelsmühle and Wilwerwiltz.

Don´t forget to carry your water.

“Schuttbourg” is behind the campsite. To see it, a short half-hour walk. To get there one hour of climbing (private property, not to be seen / visit).

The town of Kautenbach has nothing to offer in terms of facilities. It is “unusually” quiet there. Beautiful streets, church, one hotel and around 60 houses. That is it … Oh yes, a super beautiful environment but one advice remains: go for a long walk, it is a perfect walking area around Kautenbach. Many well-signposted routes accessible directly from the caravan and tent. And beautiful nature in all seasons.

The result of hiking in the Ardennes:

  • tired and satisfied
  • open minded
  • listen to sounds of birds and nature
  • flowers and plants to explore
  • happy afterwards

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