Sports and Games

It won’t be long before you will start thinking: “I’m not going to have enough time to paticipate in all of these fun activities!”

Don’t worry. You’ll just have to come back to Camping Kautenbach next year.
…Just remember to book for the following year before leaving!


This is a very popular activity; you’ll see a lot of it going on at our campsite!
You might be wondering if we are talking about the same river in which the children play around… and yes, it is! And they even catch fish! …I have also seen fishers do what is called “fly fishing.” It’s fun to watch and can of course be done here at our campsite!
You do need a license for it though. And we have them on sale for you here at our campsite!

There are also possibilities to fish in the bigger lakes, rivers, and fish ponds that can be found in numerous locations here in Luxembourg. Trout is an example of a popular fish that can be found in the local waters.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

What could be more obvious than to take your bike with you into the woods where you will find a host of mountain bike routes, go on some great bike rides or head over the mountain passes with your racing bike. The Luxembourg Ardennes are ideally suited for this. You can hire mountain bikes in Wiltz, about ten kilometres from Kautenbach. Go to the links page.

We recommend that you always wear some protection on your head.


There are numerous opportunities for swimming on and around our campsite:

  • In the Clerve River that crosses Camping Kautenbach
  • In the swimming pool in Wiltz, Clervaux, Redage, Vianden, …
  • In the lake in Weiswampach
  • In the lake in Esch-sur-Süre


In the lake in Esch-sur-Süre. (Fill bottles in Lutzhausen)


In Clervaux. Call (00352) 929395

Mini Golf

  • Clervaux
  • Vianden
  • Heiderscheid
  • Larochette

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Every now and then one of them lands here at our campsite. In fact, sometimes our guests will be dropped off here after an exciting ride.
For further information visit our links page.