Walking and Hiking

Walking and Hiking in the area surrounding the campsite is extremely popular amongst our visitors!

You will find excellent maps for walking and hiking at the information desk next to the reception herfst-1or for sale in our shop! These maps are great sources of information for they provide useful hints on places of interest in our surroundings.

Since Kautenbach is located in the very middle of a wonderful walking area, you will find lots of signposted walks laid out for you right around the campsite.
(There are long and short walks to choose from!)

…Did you know that the campsite itself is featured in a walk?

dierenpad-14-juli-2016-20Just one minute away from our site you will find yourself immersed in one of the most beautiful walking areas in Luxembourg. The area is wonderfully peaceful and you will be at one with nature. We recommend bringing solid walking shoes!

If you really want to go into the depths of the woods, don’t forget bringing a compass along with you. Be prepared to come across small streams, narrow paths, and steep valleys.

Another great possibility to explore the surroundings is by train. In fact, you can take the train to nearby towns such as Wilwerwiltz and Goebelsmühle and walk back to Kautenbach – or the other way round!

Tip: always make sure you have a bottle of drinking water in your backpack.

The “Schuttbourg” is an old medieval castle located in near proximity of our campsite. Although it is not open to visitors, you can walk right by it! To get a great view of it you should be prepared to take a half-hour walk steeply uphill.

Kautenbach itself is ‘unusually’ quiet. Lovely streets, a church, two bars/restaurants/hotels and about 50 houses is actually all you will find here… Except for beautiful views and the wonderful natural surroundings of course!

But the one recommendation that we continue to repeat: PLAN ENOUGH TIME FOR LOTS OF LONG WALKS.


What will you feel during and after a long walk through the Ardennes forests?

  • Tired and totally accomplished
  • Manna for the soul
  • Sounds of nature that you don’t hear every day
  • Lots of flowers and plants to admire
  • A feeling of sheer happiness