Dogs are welcome on our Camping !

Camping Kautenbach is a dog-friendly place for well-behaved dogs.

Our Camping is an ideal place for taking your dog on a hike. Our wonderful location offers numerous walking opportunities which both you and your dog will enjoy. There is a maximum of two dogs per campsite permitted.

Naturally, there are some rules to be respected:IMG_0122
*Dogs must be leashed on the entire camping area.
*Please walk your dog(s) outside the Camping area. The dog owner must pick up the dog muck and throw it into the destined waste bins.
*Dogs may not disturb other guests.
*Dogs are only allowed in the bistro when they are leashed.
*Dogs aren’t allowed:
– on the sports field
– in the Shop
– in the sanitary facilities
– on the play ground

*When you leave the campside, you have to take your dog with you.

We kindly ask dog-owners and other camping guests to respect and tolerate one another.