Every morning from 10-12 we organise activities for children. In the afternoon we usually organise games and outdoor activities.

Sometimes I think just like a rabbit! The adults must get really bored here at times. All those lovely children will be exhausted after an exciting afternoon with our entertainment team.

…So the adults will have nothing to do!

You better remember to bring a book or two, otherwise you’ll be asking yourself how to spend the day!

And you’ll need lots of clothes-pegs to hang up all the artwork your kids will bring back to you!

It’s Party Time!

  • We have two beautiful playgrounds
  • An inflatable jumping castle
  • A large trampoline
  • And of course lots of space, hills, and creeks for playing!


In the Evening…

Frequently, in the evening, there will be some sort of a show or play in the bistro.
That way the adults can do the dishes :-)
We organise so many events during the summer! And all of them are to entertain the kids!
Let me give you a few examples:

  • games
  • crafts
  • sports
  • face-painting
  • storytelling
  • outdoor games
  • scavenger hunts
  • ball games
  • water games

On Sundays there is no entertainment.

Do you have any further questions? Just send us an email with your question.