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Off on a Road Trip…

What is there to see and experience in Luxembourg – in case you want to get out and about from Camping Kautenbach? What kind of daytrips can be done by car, and where to? We are more than happy to help you choose. Luxembourg is a country offering a great variety of landscapes and culture; there are many castles, churches, Roman remains, cliffs and mines to discover!

Luxembourg is exciting and interesting for young and old alike!


Tourists can

Visit lots of lovely towns and villages such as:
Diekirch, Ettelbrück, Clervaux, Bastogne (B), Wiltz etc..

Wander through the caves in Consdorf – but beware, you will need to take a torch with you because it’s really dark in there.

Admire the woodlands and the castle at Beaufort. Walk along the narrow paths right in front of the castle. You will feel tiny between the large rocks and stones! And take a close look at the stones; they will be of a totally different type and quality than the ones we have in Kautenbach.

Another great town located on the German border is Echternach. Here you can visit the Cathedral of Willibrordus with its crypt. This is a fabulous trip by car; expecially if you don’t take the main roads and instead travel through Vianden and Wallendorf
On the 3rd day of Whitsun/Pentecost there is the Jumping Parade in Echternach. This is a muellerthal-5once-in-a-lifetime must see!

Discover the Müllerthal, a region commonly referred to as Little Switzerland. This unique area is the result of years and years of erosion – the breathtaking nature actually looks a little bit like Switzerland!

You should also definitely visit Vianden and walk through the narrow streets of the medieval town. You almost expect to come across knights in armour. You’d have a hard time finding a place that felt more authentic than this one. And why not take the chairlift up the hill; from the top you’ll have wonderful views of the little town of Vianden. Vianden also has a beautiful, nicely restored medieval castle (old Orange property).
You can also visit a modern hydraulic power station right outside the little town.
Every second Sunday in October, the nut market in Vianden attracts lots of visitors from all around the world!

A visit to Esch-sur-Süre is also worth the drive for it is another wonderful example of a medieval town. Time seems to have stood still here. There is a beautiful medieval castle high up on a cliff, just head on up and count the stairs! The small church is also worth a visit.

The dam in the Sûre river is of great technical interest. You can canoe on and swim in the reservoir lake in Lultzhausen.

Or check out the bygone techniques used in the old stone quarry in Michelau. Head downstream the Sûre river following the signs to Ettelbruck. Cross the neat bailey Bridge. Although this is not an official tourist attraction, it is very impressive!bourscheid-7

The castle in Bourscheid is also accessible to the public and certainly worth visiting. In fact, there are three castles in one! From the towers of this castle you have a really fantastic panoramic view of the Sûre valley.

The city of Luxembourg has a completely different allure. Characterized by a combination of beautiful old and modern buildings, our capital has a lot to offer! The Casemates, the palace of our Grand Duke, the national museum, and many impressive churches including the cathedral, are only a few examples of popular sightseeing destinations. Often times you can participate in guided tours with tour guides!

In Clervaux, you should visit the photo exhibition “The Family of Man”, the castle, the church and the abbey. Furthermore, Clervaux has a beautiful shopping street and friendly terraces.

And why not take a boat trip along the beautiful vineyards on the Moselle River?

Or you could combine a visit to the Butterfly Garden in Grevenmacher with a visit to the wine cellars along the Moselle River.

In Stolzembourg you should definitiely participate in an exciting excursion into the copper mines.

On Whit Monday/Pentecost there is a flower parade for the occasion of the broom flower celebration in Wiltz.
Top musicians will be appearing during the open air festival in the summer.

Tour the churches. Most churches are open to visitors, and nearly every little town has a church!

Our beautiful medieval castles. We have already named a few, but below here we’ve listed them all for your convenience. They are all open to visitors!

  • Bourscheid
  • Wiltz (you will also find the tourist office here)
  • Vianden
  • Beaufort
  • Clervaux
  • Hollenfels