Surroundings and Luxemburg - Camping Kautenbach
Surroundings and Luxemburg - Een zeer unieke familiecamping zoals er in de Luxemburgse Ardennen geen tweede is
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Surroundings and Luxemburg

What to do in Luxembourg, if you want to go a little further away from Camping Kautenbach. What kind of day trips by car could you make and where to? Luxembourg is a country with a lot of culture, castles, churches, Roman remains, rocks and mines, folklore, etc. Exciting and interesting for young and old.

Tourists should have a look:

Agenda of Luxemburg, you will found serveral informations and events :

Visit Luxembourg

Visit many nice places such as: Vianden, Diekirch, Ettelbrück, Clervaux, Bastogne (B), Wiltz etc.

Walking through the caves at Consdorf, you have to bring a lamp because dark is really dark there.

Admire the forests and the castle at Beaufort. Walk into the forest path right before the castle. You feel smaller and smaller among the rocks. Also pay attention to the rock, a totally different quality and type as in Kautenbach.

To Echternach, there view the Cathedral of Willibrord with Crypt. This is a great day out by car. Do not take the main road but, for example, drive via Vianden and Wallendorf. The third day of Pentecost is the Spring Procession in Echternach. You must have seen this once.

Exploring the Müllerthal. Also called Little Switzerland. A unique piece of nature, formed by much erosion and weathering.

Spend a day at Vianden. Walk through the back streets afterwards. The knights expect you to encounter every moment. Medieval it is unimaginable. Just with the cable car up. A very nice view over the town of Vianden. Vianden also has a beautiful, well-restored castle (old Orange property). Also visit the hydroelectric power station and the reservoir. Nutsmarket in Vianden takes place every year on the 2nd Sunday of October.

Also nice to go and see is Esch-sur-Sûre, medieval. Time has stood still here. Beautiful castle on a high rock, just climb, count the steps. The small church is worth seeing. Oh yes, if you come across the sexton, ask if you can see the key to the church! You will be surprised.

Swim or kayak on the water reservoir near Lultzhausen / Insenborn.

The castle of Bourscheid is also open to the public and is worth a visit. On top of the tower of this castle you really have a fantastic view over the Sûre valley.

The city of Luxembourg, is a city with a distinct allure, beautiful buildings, lots of greenery, the Casemates, the palace, national museum, various churches including the cathedral, etc. There are often guided tours.

Clervaux, the photo exhibition “The Family of Man”, castle, church and monastery view. Clervaux has a nice main street and nice terraces.

A Boattrip on the Mosel.

The butterfly garden in Grevenmacher can be combined with a visit to the wine cellars along the Moselle.

Stolzembourg have copper mines.

Whitsun Monday there is a flower parade on the occasion of the “Geenzefest” in Wiltz. Top musicians can be seen and heard during the summer open-air festival.


caves, waterfalls, sights.

Clervaux, historic town in the North of Luxemburg.